Our Cold Nights

>> Friday, December 18, 2009

A cold wind blows from
empty lakes, as green and
red lanterns flicker, slow to dance
an the awaited Eve; yes, it is cold.
Cold - on meadows and valleys
pregnant memories, as

tall, darkly draped on the
of silent (and if we could still call them as such).
The raging waters of our collective
excuses for expediency and mentality,
the darkness wailing on far-away blooded hills,
were forcibly weaved within the rhymes our
children's songs.

The wind is cold,
particular month, but who
knows if we will soon
hang silent bamboo lanterns
igloos inside our vaults;
as our shadows are standing
tall and long in front of the thick road.
The cold wind whispers:

this Eve only shines to all
clasp hand towards the bent night,
while the green, red
lanterns still flicker on
our cold night.


Distant Love

>> Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the shade of your shy smile
tows down his darkness of the night
in a box of tears
he has chained the
pinning of his infantile dependence

you smiled lovely as
a leaf is brushed by
the whispering wind;
all he can do is
hush his love on
the clouds of your sterling

un-splendid awning like
a little robin's bleeding
both of you can only share
smiles and then bid


I Got Wet Under the Rain

>> Sunday, September 6, 2009

the rain walks quick from the horizon
miles away over the sleeping hills,
unexpecting its sudden mourning and
crying over my blue face, until i am
all wet, all drowned, all crying.

i tried to wipe all tears with my
white soaked shirt, and it only
added to the hurt - made my
face and eyes all red and wet.

over the horizon i saw the
shimmers of the peering bading sun,
and the mourning of the heavy
sky stopped all sudden;
but my face, my eyes, my shirt
and my all of me were still
soaked in the cold of rain's
afternoon mourning.


The Silence of Truth

>> Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The dust has not yet settled
Off, from the rubles of
Darkness that has fallen from
The eternal sky.

Silence. Hush of truth is
Grappled by the noise of
The shallow conscience of apparent

Hush. Silence of truth extolled
The greatness proven by no words– embraced
By many, but belied by a few who
Played in the scheming of the just.

The dust has finally settled and
rubles has befallen only on
Those who dared to build the ivory
Tower with playing cards and barefaced lies.



>> Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We kiss under the roof of nimbus clouds,
Trying to tame a fire so long due.
Tempering the burning of wood,
Invoking rain and snow flakes
To cover the ember-red skin,
And rush a spring on two
Eclipsing lips.

Though rain starts to pour
On the passionate phenomenon,
No amount of snow,
coolness of rain, can stop
Ember so burning tattooed
On lovers’ skin to sleep.

Eclipse of total panoramic two moons,
One night of eclipsing passion.


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